How to relocate your cats from Singapore to the UK


The cats, looking thrilled as they embark on their first-ever flight…

Yes, so Husband and I have relocated to London! More importantly, our cats have also relocated to London…

Though the process ended up being relatively smooth, there were still a few bumps here and there that I could’ve avoided Had I Known Better. So, as a public service to anyone about to embark on this particular adventure, here’s what I’ve learnt about How To Relocate Your Cats From Singapore To The UK:

*We flew into London Heathrow, but for anyone flying into other airports in the UK, the procedure should be more or less the same
**For dog parents, the procedure should also be more or less the same. However, those with well-behaved small dogs might consider the fly-in-cabin-to-Paris route, as I’ll mention below. Continue reading