image We do this not because we believe it but because you did. We hope that in your version of Heaven, in the one hundred days since you arrived, you have been comfortable. We have tried to give you everything you might need: food, clothes, gold, a house, a car and chauffeur. We have hired the priests to chant the mantras and lead us through the rites. We have paid them to do all that is necessary to slough off the many sufferings you accumulated in this lifetime, so that you might begin your next worldly life free of all burdens.

May you not be born in a poor, damaged country.
May you not be born into a broken family.
May you not be stabbed in the eye and blinded by a wicked stepmother who is jealous of your beauty.
May you not have to flee your home due to foreign invaders.
May you not be left widowed with young children to care for.
May you not have to wash nightsoil buckets to feed your family.
May you not have evil neighbours who try to transfer their bad luck to you by putting strange things into your refrigerator.
May you not have a husband who cheats on you with the chicken rice lady and who gives his money and his HDB entitlement to her and their child.
May you not have to keep learning new tongues because the ones you have are deemed useless by the government.
May you not have grandchildren who don’t understand you and who never ask you about your life.
May you have every happiness.

Requiescat in pace.